This quote caught my attention this week. I really agree with it, yet if it is taken wrongly, it can easily be used in a twisted way to actually encourage in-activity….

Simplicity itself can become an idol resulting in judgmentalism and self-righteousness. That which was initiated out of inner simplicity becomes an external effort to “keep down with the Joneses.” That which was meant to be liberating becomes a rigorous list of “simplicity do’s and don’ts.” That which sprang from a desire to express compassion for those with so little becomes a tool of judgment wielded against those with so much.

On the other hand, simplicity, when combined with genuine Christian spirituality, offers a prophetic, culturally-challenging alternative to the good life. Simplicity stands in quiet contrast to our culture’s dominant messages. It reveals and challenges the idols of our day and calls us, individuallly and societally, to live lives of compassionate integrity. Michael Schut