I’m still in bed.  Moving through cycles of alertness and rem sleep feels like a pendulum moving back and forth.  I count myself fortunate to be in a bed, drink medication and have a wife with Florence Nightingale qualities.
A sickbed affords me a lot of time to think and read and read and think and inevitably the reading and thinking cascades into fountains of praise.  The process of recovery is blessing.  I sometimes wonder if time in bed isn’t one of God’s ironic ways for scheduling an appointment.  In the speed of our lives it might be one of the last bastions where we can be forced to pay attention.  During my bed- sojourn I stumble across this phrase in Jeremiah 2,

Stop wearing out your shoes  ….

Being in bed is definitely not easy but surely a blessing; time to recover from the blisters and pull out the thistles.  I so wish to create a lifestyle that don’t wear my shoes out.  The kind of life that barefoot feels the texture of the earth I roam.