Gutierrez starts the book I mentioned yesterday , “We drink from our own wells” with a definitive statement about the basics of Christianity,

A Christian is defined as a follower of Jesus, and reflection on the experience of following constitutes the central theme of solid theology.The experience and the reflection alike have for their subjects a community that under the movement of the Spirit focuses its life on the proclamation of the good news: the Lord is risen! Death and injustice are not the final word of history. Christianity is a message of life, a message based on the gratuitous love of the Father for us.

This statement strikes me as very Trinitarian.  It also has the method of action-reflection built into it.  Solid theology is a reflection on the experience of following and not just a teaching on following that might happen in the future.  I am also attracted to the communal nature of this statement and how it challenges a purely individualistic spirituality.

What are your thoughts on this opening passage …