My blog reminds me of the U2 song “Stuck in a moment”. Sorry about that. I have a few things to report:

Our community shared a
wonderful thanksgiving dinner last Sunday.
All of us ate together and we
shared stories of thanksgiving at the different tables.  We then wrote a
thanksgiving psalm as a church and read it out loud.  We did it in the
style found in Psalm 136. Everyone read their thanksgiving out loud and
then the whole assembly responded with, “And His love endures forever”. It was a great time; we’re hoping to continue
with this tradition.

week Lollie and I spent some time at a vacation resort called Crystal Springs
. It was a needed break for
recuperation and fun. We came back on
Friday.I officiated a wedding for
one of the couples in our church. It was
a great blessing.Yesterday we picked Lillo and
Mocha up from the breeder and so we have two new additions to our house (they’re
adorable).One of the girls in our
church will stay with us in December. She
is a TV presenter for E TV. Her show is
the morning addition so she wakes at 2 am
I will post with more regularity this week. I think I’m not stuck anymore …..