Early this morning we woke Tayla to start the celebration of her third birthday. I covered her eyes and led her out into the garden where Lollie and I constructed her trampoline last night (which was a story in itself). When I lifted my hands from her eyes she bolted onto the trampoline and jumped/giggled for the next few minutes. She kept on repeating, “This is a wonderful surprise, this is a wonderful surprise, this is a wonderful surprised”. Then she wrapped all three years of arm-span around me and Lollie and said that she loves us.

This morning I can’t describe to you how thankful I am for this person, this gift from the Lord. She has been one of the most significant instruments in God’s hands, used to shape me and Lollie. She has demolished me in the best of ways. As any parent will tell you, it is not always just fun-and-games but it is more that than not. Watching her jumping this morning connected with some deep desires within me. I’m posting a picture in order to share some of the moment. Tayla, little princess, when you read this some day know that you are deeply loved by your mom and your dad – you are precious to us and we’re so grateful to be part of your life.