In 1998 I bought Dallas Willard’s book “The Divine Conspiracy”. It blew my mind and invited me into a journey with God that is unparalleled by any other book outside the Bible. Since that first reading I have tried to reread it at least yearly. In the past week I dove into it again. Over the next few months I want to periodically post some of my interactions with the content. My hope is twofold: to introduce some of you to this magnificent book and to foster some interaction about the topics.

So here is the first post …

In the introduction to the Book Dallas states that he would like to “gain a fresh hearing for Jesus”. Why? Because most people think they know Jesus but don’t think he is an “interesting” person or “of vital relevance for their actual lives”. So – in this book Dallas wants to help those of us who placed Jesus into a predictable box. Dallas explains that,

“Jesus and his words … are essentially subversive of established arrangements and ways of thinking”.

So here are three questions:

Have we domesticated the subversion of Jesus?
If so, how?
How can we recover the subversive nature of the Gospel?