I want to ask a question … If you have been hurt by the so-called healing ministry of some people in the body of Christ raise your hand (or leave a comment or send me an email). I raise my hand and the subject. Some of my worst experiences with Christians have been around the topic of healing or to be specific faith-healing.

Yet here’s the thing. If I read the gospels and in fact the New Testament then I stumble across an undeniable truth. Jesus healed people and through Jesus the disciples healed people. It’s a fact. Therefore I have to resist the urge to throw the baby out with the bath water.

On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday I sat under the teaching of someone who’s an Anglican minister from Whales who runs a healing ministry called The Order of Jacob’s Well. Oh and by the way Mike – who leads this ministry is blind! For three days I’ve wrestled with my scepticism, became angry, wanted to leave and challenged some of my wayward thinking. To tell you the truth I’m glad these three days are over … now to unpack it.

For many years I’ve had a blind spot towards the poor of the world and my role as a Christ follower in helping with that. This week I confronted another blind spot – healing – those who are sick and ill. Now don’t misunderstand me, I’ve always prayed for people to be healed but always with a healthy dose of skepticism.

Before I bear my soul in this forum and share some of my struggles I would like to know if someone would be interested in sharing in a conversation on the role of healing in the church …