I’m slowly working my way through the gospels, immersing myself in the healing stories of Jesus and the apostles. The study is rich and when I’m ready I’ll write some of it. In the meantime ….

Today Trevor left a comment in the second post concerning healing that I think is really worth reading (and discussing). I’m posting it here and would like to hear your thoughts.

Thank you for the invite to join in the conversation.Over the years I have really battled with the healing maze. This struggle has taken place both in terms of my work as a pastor and within the context of my immediate family suffering. In this wrestling process some convictions have been formed within me.Presently I am seeking to learn how to live more in tune with these convictions.Put simply these convictions are(1)the God that i have come to know in Jesus is on the side of healing (2)Gods loving and healing grace flows constantly through the world (3)God wants us to learn how through prayer and action to bring this healing grace into the the lives of those who suffer in whatever ways we can (4) healing often is bigger than cure (we named our daughter after Joni Erickson a paraplegic who is more whole than most )(5)we live in an imperfect world and will never be “perfectly healthy”(6)whatever we seek to do in this area needs to be experienced as compassionate.

I appreciate these convictions look cold–but they do help me a little in finding a way through the maze.