The importance of words

I’ve been meditating on the importance of words and the way in which we harness them in the Kingdom economy. Some of the phrases we use are just plain wrong. Take for instance the phrase : “Sunday I went to church” This phrase with its unassuming harmlessness can leave us neutered in the Kingdom adventure Jesus calls us to. Why? Well – to begin with there is no reference in our Scriptures to anyone ‘going’ to church. If we accept this phrase we accept that the church is a static building or event. When we leave ‘church’ we go back to our ‘normal’ lives – this is just wrong. A few of us have been taught as children that the church is not a building but that we are the church! Church then is not a singular event on a weekend but an all-inclusive verb lived out rhythmically throughout the week. Yes we do gather together on a Sunday or Saturday or whenever but let’s not brand this activity “church”. Church is so much more than just a weekend event. What do you think? What is church?