Today we wrestled with Christ as King at Kleipot.  It’s so hard for us to relate with God as such.  Most of our God concept is colored by our experience of democracy.  In other words; I’ll serve Christ when I agree with his commands.  AW Tozer explained it like this,

The present position of Christ in the gospel churches may be likened to a king in a limited, constitutional monarchy. The king (sometimes depersonalized by the term "the Crown") in such a country is no more than a traditional rallying point, a pleasant symbol of unity and loyalty much like a flag or a national anthem. He is lauded, feted and supported, but his real authority is small. Nominally he is head over all, but in every crisis someone else makes the decisions. On formal occasions he appears in royal attire to deliver the tame, colorless speech put into his mouth by the real rulers of the country.

How can we inform our imagination to understand Christ as our King?  Please share your thoughts.