The Kruger National Park is one of the biggest game reserves in the world. It hosts the big five: lion; rhinoceros; elephant; leopard and buffalo. Lollie and I will spend Monday to Thursday watching game, driving through God’s creation and just hanging out in one of the wildest sanctuaries on earth.

I really hope we’ll see lion and a pack of wild dogs. On my wish list you will also find an auditory request, I want to hear a lion’s roar. I can still remember the first time I experienced a lion’s roar.

Dirk (my brother) slept with me in our little A-frame tent. Our parents dozed in the caravan (RV if you’re from the Sates). We were five and seven. A lion walked around the perimeter fence; the roar was earthshaking! Being the oldest brother I jumped unto my brother to protect him from the impending danger; if you sift that last sentence through the reality scale it would read: I WAS SCARED TO THE POINT OF DELIRIUM.

This time around we will be in a safe bungalow; so dear lion – BRING IT ON. Last week a young boy was killed by a leopard in the same park. A good reminder that the wilderness is still wild even if some of the roads are paved! One of my friends always says ‘Africa is a rough country, people die.’

Our trip will also serve as a time of prayer and fasting regarding our future. May God speak to us through his creation and in the silent appreciation of His handiwork.

Will be back blogging at the end of the week.