The last few days have been wonderful. We had fun skiing and snowboarding. Well actually that’s a lie – our friends fell their brains out 🙂 Lollie and I tried to teach them skiing, we were on our snowboards – and it really didn’t work. Same as in spiritual manners – if you don’t lead by example then you mess people up. Hermann and Adel are determined to ski, and we will go back on Friday – they will take lessons this time (from a qualified instructor).

My soapbox for the week : We looked after a bunch of 4 year olds on Christmas eave. One of our questions to them was “What do we celebrate tomorrow?”. In a super synchronized chant they all shouted: “It’s the birth of baby Jesus”. In one sense that is true in another it is not. Yes, Jesus broke into humanity but He always existed and therefore it was not a birth in the sense of – He did not exist and now he does. Jesus is in Genesis 1. Anyway – part of my thoughts for the week.

On a lighter note – I got a Mp3 player for Christmas (It has a 20Gig hard drive) – I am currently transferring music to it. Question:What is your favorite CD that should be on my player?