I want more songs which paint a big picture of God. There’s
no one like Him. So many books of the Bible reveal his sovereignty, majesty,
his awesomeness, his being all powerful and self-sufficient. Then you’ve got
your songs and you’re thinking, Something is not matching up. The God in these
songs seems to be so worldly compared to the God in the Scripture. I’m not
judging other songs, but just talking about my own songs. They are portraying
God, but it seems we often shrink Him down too much


I love that word, the otherness of God. I love the fact
that He’s altogether otherly; He’s self-sufficient. In other words, He’s
transcendent. He’s matchless and He is unique. You look through the Bible and
see that God breathes, but you only see God breathing out in the Bible. He
breathes mercy; He breathes anger. He breathes on this thing and gives it life.
He breathes into this thing and that thing; He’s always breathing out. So God
breathes, but you never really find Him breathing in. The reason is that He’s
self–sufficient. He’s not like us. We need to breathe in air, but not God. There
is nothing God needs. That gives you a great picture of how high above us He is.
He’s the only self-sufficient one there is. Everything—in physics, in
astronomy, biology—everything needs something else to exist. We ourselves, we
can only live because we are breathing in the breath that God’s given us to
breathe. I just think that’s a wonderful picture: He’s the God who breathes out
but never breathes in.
 Matt Redman,  link here.