bettyMiss Betty is the perfect dog. She has a lot of personality and her owner, my friend Schalk, loves her. She is an English pointer, trained to hunt with a falcon. I must admit that I would love to own or be owned by a dog like her.

When Schalk visited South Africa in March he received the sad news that Betty ran away during a thunderstorm. Schalk was shattered… We prayed for her safe return, yet after a few months we gave up hope.

Last week I received a message from Schalk saying “Betty is back.” Resurrection! Hope revived.

Here’s what happened …

Someone asked Schalk if he would be willing to pick up a farmer in Harare, Zimbabwe. A five hour drive from his house. He agreed and embarked on the journey. In an obscure town in Zimbabwe he spotted a SUV with a black English Pointer. He played with the dog and when the owner arrived he shared his love for his dog Betty and told the people how Betty ran away during a thunderstorm.

The farmer told Schalk of a friend who farms in Chimoio, Mozambique. It’s a town forty miles from where he lives. Apparently a brown English Pointer arrived at the farm on a rainy day in March! Schalk got the phone number and the rest is history. Now some people would say it’s coincidence. I think it is God weaving another beautiful story. And it all started with Schalk being willing to sacrifice his time and picking someone up in Harare. (I took the picture of Miss Betty in 2003)