The Roadtrip

We are on a road trip. Yesterday we drove through Wyoming working our way to Jackson and the Grand Teton National Park. The drive, for the most part is extremely dull. Flat, desolate plains abound! It is sobering to think that some people call it home and return to those places after a vacation with the same affection we do ours.

About 80 miles from Jackson we entered Teton County, the mountains lifted themselves from the valley floor, snow-capped peaks gazing into the dull planes. Life is like our journey yesterday – a lot of flat dull terrain has to be navigated and every now and then we will experience a delightful change of scenery.

Today is Good Friday – we are going to sit in a church and read our readings for the day. Staring through the window of this church we will be able to see the Tetons in its entire splendor. Jesus is Amazing.