The spirituality of toilets

We all use the white throne regularly; at least I hope so. A month ago I noticed it for the first time. On the rim of one of the most used and less noticed seats in the world you will find something like this:


It stands for 1 gallon per flush or 3.8 liters per flush. It indicates the flow rate of the toilet. We all know without a good flow rate the toilet mutates into a really nasty place. In a way the toilet is a wonderful representation of physical and spiritual regulation.

These days when I use the toilet I ask myself this question: What is my spiritual flow rate? Everyone have had pains with the toilets in their lives, these problems mirror some of our spiritual conditions, faulty flow rates.

The waterless toilet:

Every now and then the toilet can’t flush because there is no water! The holding tank is empty and we need to fill it with water. Either turning on the tap or using a bucket to fill the container can fix this problem.

The waterless spiritual life has nothing to give because there is no substance. All that’s left is a dusty dryness and we need a refill. Refreshment will come by spending time with God by bringing our spiritual bucket before Him and asking Him to fill our tank.

The dripping toilet:

You’ve experienced it! You and your loved ones are safely tucked into bed and then you hear…drip…drip…. drip… It drives you nuts. You get out of bed and try to stop the nagging toilet; it’s no simple process though. More often than not a worn out washer causes the leak. This small instrument regulates the water flow, if it is worn out – then it wears us out, a constant misdirected barrage of water going nowhere. Lost energy. A waste of time, decibels and water. The cure – a new washer to help focus and regulate.

In the spiritual life we get distracted. So easily. The simple rhythm of love God and others distorts into a scrambled techno/rap with no sense to it. Like a heart defibrillated our life seeps and drips. No focus, no washer to regulate. One thing is needed, regulate and thus stop the dripping. The people around us will appreciate the halt to the nagging drip…drip….drip.

The blocked toilet:

Embarrassment is probably the best way to describe it. You’re visiting some friends and the toilet blocks. You engage in bouts of frantic flushing but alas you’re flooding the bathroom! It is blocked like cement. Sweat and odors mix together creating a conglomerate of chaos. The life-saving device is a plunger. In the haze of your frantic scrambling you hope and pray that the black magic wand will be hidden in the bathroom. Finding it will save you from the agony of telling your hosts that you broke the crapper!

When we receive everything from our Giver. When we are full of the blessings. When we are bursting with the graces He gave us and don’t give it away then we are like a blocked toilet. Over time we will smell and sweat and reek of death. The only thing that’ll save us is a spiritual plunger. It can be thanksgiving, or secret service. Maybe using your spiritual gifts to actually edify others? Search for that plunger and then start working!

Where are you today?

Do you need the,