The static at the gymnasium

I started reading Michener’s book ‘The Source’ today and its gripping stuff. It explores the Jews and their history through captivating story. I just returned from the gymnasium, went at 20:00 thinking I would miss the stampede – I was mistaken. While biking I listened to a tape by Eugene Peterson that he taught at Regent on the Beatitudes, good stuff! Tonight was on meekness.

While listening on my walkman I picked up a lot of cell phone static. It seems like a lot of people can’t gym without being in contact with the people out there not exercising. A few years ago I wrote this modern paraphrase on the Parable of the sower.

The parable of the cell phone

A communicator went out to deliver a message. As he was phoning cell phones, the receiver saw the caller’s identity and thought to himself “I really don’t want to hear from him”. Therefore he hung up.

As he was phoning the next cell phone, the receiver listened to the message, and really got excited about the communiqué. He decided to save the message, and after 2 days, the message was deleted.

The other cell phone, rang in the movie house, so the person loudly answered the call, and listened to the message, it really touched his heart, right at that moment, he received another call, and he placed the first call on hold, the second call was a promotion for Hawaii, he immediately disconnected the first call and bought a ticket for a luxurious holiday.

The last call was received with an understanding and loving attitude, the person wanted to hear more and therefore scheduled an appointment for a lunch to here more. Are you receiving my messages, and really listening?