The ultimate search and rescue
He came to seek and save the lost In a week from today we will celebrate the greatest search and rescue ever. God became man.

We are all lost. Not one of us has a clue. We need a Savior and if we don’t think we do, then we are extremely lost. A day after September 11 I found this picture in the paper and placed it in my journal. It shows a father looking for his son; he carried a picture of him on his body. It struck me that God through Jesus came to conduct a radical rescue, to seek and save the lost. He carries the pictures of all humanity on his heart.

Earlier this morning I opened my mailbox and waved through all my junk mail, in the pile was a picture of two missing persons. I wanted to throw it away and then it dawned on me that I’m passing ‘missing’ or ‘lost’ people every day and regrettably I dismiss them as easily as the junk mail in my mailbox. May this be a season where I bring the good news of the ultimate search and rescue to people yearning for a Rescuer.