On my desk you’ll find a small sampling of symbols: a jar with seed in them, a Mozambique cash note, a small sail boat made from African stone, a stone picked up at a special lake, a picture with me and my wife hilariously happy, a bell from India, two dolphins, a picture taken in Israel and my latest item a baseball signed by Sox the Fox. 

All of these items connect to my story, I can probably talk about each and everyone of these symbols for a couple of hours.  All of them mark something significant in my life.  The outsider will miss the meaning behind these objects.  I’m telling you this for a particular reason.  When we were in America my brother house sat for us; he used my desk to study on.  The first thing I noticed when I walked into my office was the fact that my desk was clean.  My brother took all the crap from the desk, he cleared it because he thought it was just junk.  Thankfully he didn’t throw it away!

All of us have these sacred touching points with the story of our life. I wonder how many times I move something because I think it’s insignificant or just crap; meanwhile it serves as a connecting point for someone.