Few people know how much they go through.  The expectations coupled with the hard work can crush them.  Most of them don’t get any formal training for the position they’re about to step in.  When they make a mistake, they might as well be crucified.  I would venture to say that most of these precious people of God are not appreciated enough.  I’m talking about the pastor’s wife. 

I read a wonderful article in Christianity Today.  It was a glimpse into Eugene Peterson’s house.  What I loved about the author’s perspective was his focus on Jan Peterson.  Not that we don’t like Eugene!  It’s just that Jan fulfills an amazing role in his life.

Klein_1My wife, Lollie, plays that same crucial role in mine.  I often tell her (and Lollie, when you’re reading this I’m telling you now) that she’s the color in my black-and-white world.  Over the last weekend Lollie and I celebrated our anniversary and I’m now more sure than ever that I love my wife. 

Lollie, without you, I wouldn’t be the man I am today.  I’m under construction and I love you for sticking through the inconvenience of dust and rubble.  I love you my wife.

Jy is die beste prinses in die hele wêreld.

To all the wives who faithfully serve along with their husbands, THANKS.