LifeThis picture is one of my favorites.  It was taken a few seconds after Tayla’s birth.  She gave her first cry and flung her arms to heaven.  It was so special.
A few thoughts have circulated through my thinking in the week since Tayla’s birth.  One of them is the fact that every person alive were as small as Tayla was.  Lollie and I had a discussion about the power of viewing every person as someone’s child.  Every person we meet is someone with the Imago Dei print, the fingerprints of God.

Another recurring thought is the praying of the Lord’s prayer.  When I pray those first few words "Our Father" then I can’t but stop and access the newly created files in my head.  Those ones marked ‘Father of Tayla’.  When I think of the overwhelming love I have for my child, then I can only imagine the love the Father has for us.
My final thought is one that struck me during our church service today.  One month after the Israelites were led out of captivity they started to complain and grumble.  The miracle of Tayla is now fresh in my mind and I hope I won’t let the freshness wear off and fall into grumblings of not enough sleep or enough time for myself or whatever …  Tayla was at her first community gathering today and it was wonderful to introduce her to a family that already loves her.