I’m in the process of studying the Biblical concept of calling.  In the last few years we’ve been bombarded with literature raising our awareness on our uniqueness and God’s plan for our individual lives.  Who of us haven’t filled out a gift assessment, asked questions about our passions and our experiences, discovered our unique personalities and then wrapped it all up in a neat ministry profile?

In first-world countries we have the privilege of time, resources and security to actually think of our purpose in categories other than survival.  My friend David who’s serving God in Venda, with a $3 a week salary doesn’t have the luxury.  So what is this thing called calling?  Is it only for the rich and fortunate?  How would the apostle Paul define calling or the Israelite building bricks for Pharaoh?  If you would stop a Judean during exile and asked him/her, ‘what’s your purpose?’ how would they respond.  This week I decided to put away the popular Christian books (that are mostly psychological based literature), and looked at God’s Word for some guidance. Before this get too long I’ll have to go.  My duty as a husband is calling me to dice some mangoes for our meal tonight… I’ll keep you posted but let me tell you it’s eye-opening!