Tom always says that our site is called soulgardeners not soulgardener for a reason. That reason being that I am supposed to say my say as well. I said I’ll say something if I really have something to share. So………

This Sunday our small gathering of Jesus followers got together as usual the topic this Sunday was grace, which was a good thing since I had to facilitate our time together. To learn about grace we turned to Jesus to show us the way. We talked about the meeting Jesus had with the Samaritan woman in John 4. In preparation for Sunday I read Phillip Yancey’s book: What’s so amazing about grace in it he refers to AA meetings that he went to in support of a friend. He said it was amazing that the sentence:” Hi I am John / Susan / Kate / Jake and I am an alcoholic” placed everyone present on the same level .The fact that some were millionaires and some were street bums made no difference. I was so moved by what I read that I realized it was time to level the playing field in our group on Sunday. So on Sunday each on of us got to say the following sentence: “Hi I am (Lollie) and I am a sinner. When it was my turn I choked up. It overwhelmed me to think of how selfish, hateful, proud, and many more sad things I had said or done just in the last week. Yet I have a Savior that forgives and loves again and again and again.

If you are anything like me you are quick to judge and slow to remember that the selfish me needs Jesus just as much as the murderer in jail. Anyway why don’t you say the sentence and let it really sink in.
Hi, I am (……….) and I am a sinner.