This week we are focussing on the TREE – Community Transformation Rhythm.     We are asking questions like:   Who is my neighbour?    What is the benefit others have that I’m part of the community?    Who are the voiceless and the ”least of these” in my community?    Which communities am I part of?    Am I praying for my countries’ leaders?  Am I a steward of the earth?

Which of these questions are speaking to you most?

Exercise of the week:    Get outside and take 1 positive action to improve your stewardship of the environment, e.g. pick up some litter, mow your neigbours’ lawn,use eco-friendly products, recycle, tend a garden, take your dog for a walk, etc.    Become aware that you were made a steward of the earth, to protect it.

We’ve attached an interesting article about Community Transformation.

And this video: