Dupreez1 A few weeks ago I had the privilege of officiating at Pieter and Illse’s wedding.  It was a wonderful day full of wonderful stories.  Pieter became a quad when a lady struck him when he trained for a triathlon (he represented SA) – Pieter’s first response to the lady was, "I forgive you".  He is just that kind of guy.  Pieter and Illse have an extraordinary relationship.  In a very real sense they’re one body.  When Pieter has the urge to do handy-man stuff – his outlet for it is through Illse’s hands.   When he wants to braai (barbeque) for international readers, he does it through her hands – and she’s really good at it.  When Illse stresses about stuff, Pieter calms her.  It’s really amazing to see the two of them in action.  Pieter (who has represented the springbok wheelchair team) is currently training for a triathlon and we used the metaphor of a triathlon as the basis for the ceremony. It was a lot of fun and the two of them is a real inspiration.