We as the church are called to follow Jesus.

He is with those on the margins … and those in the centre … but he calls them to the margins

– the sinners

– the prostitutes

– those without money or social graces

– the women with issues

– the men with egos

This is so exciting … to read … 


The church is so often like a medical scheme that screens those out who will be taxing on comfort.  We become friends … to a point.  Yesterday I had a wonderful response to the post on Ubuntu (the response was on facebook) …

So please ubuntu with me, even only if it is to kick me in the teeth….Try as I might to assist others, (my heart is to help other, while they help me – ubuntu) all I get from (most) christians and pastors alike, is a cold shoulder and not even the courage to tell me to fuck off!!!!! I don't care if you don't join me in this venture, but don't … Read Moreassume you know what the project is all about. And even if you do know the alpha and the omega, have the COURAGE to tell me to not bother you with this.

A while ago I posted that I need help, and out of all my brothers and sisters in Christ, TWO physically helped in my time of need. Some asked for my CV so they could circulate it, (thank you) most said "I will pray for you…." but TWO came to my side and practically helped.

Not that I am bitter, more disappointed, but I see a lot of discourse and discussion, and surely you could say, :"he is not my problem" with which I would agree 100%, but ubuntu doesn't work in that manner.

I loved this response … 

PS. Later in the week I'll reflect on the concept of friendship in the social network world and how it correlates with 'friendships' in the church environment.