Lollie and I both studied at the Rand Afrikaans University. Since we’ve graduated the name changed to the University of Johannesburg, the change of name is a really good thing. A few months ago they launched their latest marketing campaign. The picture in the post shows one of these advertisments or propoganda. It strikes me as blatantly elitist and fits perfectly within the competition mindset needed for a capitalistic society to work. In our country 8% of people have degrees and I’m one of them. If I only view the knowledge I attained as a means to gain advantage over others, then I have not allowed Jesus to change me.Uj_2

I believe that education (for Christ followers) does not primarily serve as a means to gain advantage over others or to become rich. As followers of Jesus we allow ourselves to be used for the betterment of the people around us, specifically the country we find ourselves in. It’s the basic notion of becoming servants – like Jesus. This obviously doesn’t mean that someone can’t emigrate – though as I’ve previously stated it should not be the norm for people who follow Jesus. I’m still shocked to find people in our country (mostly white) who claim that they’ve “never received a free handout”. If you’ve graduated in one of the South African Universities then you’ve been subsidized by the citizens of South Africa. One of the reasons the governmnet subsidizes education is so that the knowledge would be used to better the country.

I wonder what you think about this new marketing campaign?