Only four weeks left and then Tayla Smith will be here!  The sense of anticipation is electrifying our home.  It’s intersting how different seasons of life sensitizes me to different things.  If you buy a new car, you see hundreds of the model you want to have.  If you’re pregnant then you see children for the first time.  Life changes and the anticipation widens one’s eyes to a lot of new things.

Lollie and I spent last week at a coastal town, our last vacation where its just the two of us.  We had great times of sleeping, eating and chatting.  Also a lot of time for reading.  In the last week I experienced one of those times where my head is like a dry spounge and I just pored on it.  I read the following books:

–  Post Rapture Radio – Rathbun.
–  The Cloister walk – Norris.
–  God is closer than you think – Ortberg.
–  The sacred way – Jones.
–  Captivating – Eldredge.
–  Holy Listening – Guenther.
–  The spirituality of the Psalms – Brueggeman.
–  Cracking Da Vinci’s Code – Garlow&Jones.
–  Becoming the Authentic Church – Cosby.
–  Church history in Plain language – Shelby.

Now to assimilate all of that!

Last night I shared at some friends in Benoni.  We talked about "The Da Vinci Code" and looked at some of the main themes in the book.  The Christian Canon (how the Bible was put together), did the early followers of Jesus think of Him as divine?, the role of sexuality in religion, the council of Nicae.  It’s amazing how solid the roots of our faith is and I’m so glad that Dan’s Brown book could be used to facilitate a conversation like that.  Here’s the presentation I used