Visiting a Mormon Bookstore

Tuesday I visited a Mormon bookstore. It was just plain weird! One of my more interesting finds were Joseph Smith’s translation of the Bible (God told him that the current version is all screwed up). They have their own little sub-culture : favorite authors, musicians, and faith heroes. People and things I have never heard of in my life. Certain authors are writing the same stuff that some Christian authors are writing, It is basically a use Jesus for better health, wealth, family, hobbies, business writing style (the covers tell us how successful they are). I sat in the shop for almost an hour listening to people looking for bestsellers, buying things to help them on their faith journey. One of the funniest/scarier moments were when one customer wanted a specific Mormon sacred book and was told that the book is being reprinted because God revealed something new to the leaders of the church. A whole new definition of relativism!

My visit made me think of the bookstores in my hometown, Colorado Springs. Would people view it as scary/weird/inviting? Will they even come into the store? Do they have any idea what is it all about. Even more scary was the thought: If their only contact with God was this bookstore, what would they think?

I walked away from the Mormon bookstore with a lot to ponder.