I went to our local Roman Catholic Church earlier today. It’s called the lemon squeezer for obvious reasons. (picture in this post)
The reason for my visit was twofold. I wanted to meet the local pastor (whatever they call them there dude). I was introduced to Fr.Ignatius Fidgeon. The second reason for my visit was to find out if I could bring my friends to their church to go through “The Stations of the Cross.”

I explained to Ignatius, who apparently met Nelson Mandela, that we’re a group of Protestant kids discovering the heritage of our faith and that we would like him to help us. He was perplexed and extremely gracious. Father Ignatius walked me through the stations and offered some guidelines; he even sang some of the hymns. It was a wonderful experience and I’m stoked to take my friends there tonight. We will meet Jesus there.

Later in the day I pondered my change of heart in the last few years, I mean tonight I will guide a few of my buddies in walking the Stations of the Cross in a Roman Catholic Church!