Every year I lead a bunch of people into
the wilderness areas of our country. 
At some points the paths disappear and we walk in single file.  In previous years we have spent up to ten
hours on our feet walking through some of the most amazing terrain.

As we walk in single file, it is easy to
look at the different styles people use to hike.  The rhythmic sloughing usually reveals that when people are
walking they find themselves in a rut. 
By changing the smallest of details in a specific gait, one can make a
huge difference.

The same is true when we are on a journey
with God.  Every person has a
specific walking style, that could either be life giving or energy sapping.
Most Christians I know have been taught the walking style of “the quiet
time”.  It is the default style and
there is nothing wrong with this walking style, it is just that there are so
many variations on this style.  The
classic quiet time consists of Bible reading and prayer. 

Those two styles are excellent for walking,
but there are other gaits that could be incorporated in a journey with
God.  Gary Thomas in his excellent
book, “Sacred Pathways” comments

“All too often, Christians who desire to be
fed spiritually are given the same, generic, hopefully all-inclusive methods –
usually some variation on a standarized quiet time.  Why?  Because it’s
simple, it’s generic, and it is easy to keep people accountable to.  But, for many Christians, it’s just not
enough.” p.14

When we walk with God, it is good to change
the way we walk.  The companion
stays the same, the style used for keeping up changes.