Earlier today I sat in my favorite chair with an amazing view over the garden.  I pondered God’s love for me (and all of his people).  Suddenly I stood up and walked to my little daughter’s room and just stared.  A floodgate of emotions was released.  I love my little girl.  And yet.  My love for Tayla is not even the tip of God’s celestial-iceberg-love. 
On days like today I wish to be drowned in the reality of our big God; to be compelled by His love and being.  I want to love him with gratitude and thanks – serve Him for what He is worth.  Holy Spirit I need your help.  I’m more convinced than ever that our God is relational and that He has feelings of loneliness and rejection when I just flatly ignore Him.  And yet.  His love for me is so big that even when He’s hurt by my actions He’s always willing to try again and again and again.
During these last days of Lent I’m filled with wonder and excitement, I’m filled with a longing that no merchandise will be able to fill.  I’m aching for my father – the Abba of my life – the Lover of my soul, and body.
I wish that the picture of God will become the graciously dominating calling in my life.  That I’ll follow Him like a little boy totally heroing his Father – because he knows his father is the fastest, smartest, strongest daddy in the whole wide world.
I would love for all the skewed pictures of God to be removed, to be erased from my whole being.  Like Moses I want to see God!  Thank you Jesus that you’ve shared with us the family photo album.  Thank you Holy Spirit that you somehow help me to be in the photos of that same photo album.  Thank you Father that you create the environment in which these pictures can be taken.