We are back in Colorado Springs. Our visit in San Luis Obispo and Camas Washington was great. The trip was refreshing in a relational sense; it’s always good catching up with friends. Today in two weeks we will be back in South Africa, it will also be my birthday. Most of the practicalities in moving have been taken care of and now we can hang out with friends!

Something happened in Camas that’s playing over and over in my head. Tod and Valda (our friends in Camas) bought a house from a guy who apparently lived like a slob. He had German shepherd dogs that lived in the house; our friends cleaned food from the walls. The house is beautiful now! On Monday evening Tod got the mail. A couple who lives in the neighborhood congratulated/thanked him for taking care of the house.

This picture is still on the sticky note in my brain. We all know that we are the house of God individually and corporately. If someone keeps a clean house then it compliments the rest of us. But if someone’s house looks like a pigsty then it brings down the value of the neighborhood. I hope my life will reflect more good than bad.

Anyhoo I have to go I have some spiritual lawn mowing to do! I’m going to use a book “Celtic Daily Prayer” as my mower,