We are not home yet!

I’m engulfed with loneliness today, I miss something. I miss my friend Schalk, serving God in Africa. I miss Africa with its diversity and people, my parents and brothers and dogs. I want to eat some biltong and drink some Castle beer, i want to laugh and cry and play.

My yearning is deeper though. I miss Home. My citizenship is being challenged. My roots want to reach deeper than just this world, my soul touches and longs for something more, Someone. I want to be Home tonight and sit with my DAD my head on HIS shoulders, I want to hear HIS voice say : I LOVE YOU! I want to silence all the crappy voices telling me I’m not good enough, I want to exile them.
I yearn for a community defined by the rhythm of that Someone.
Echoing and resounding BELOVED.
I’m lonely and tired.
Jesus you are my SOMEONE.
Without you there’s nothing.
You are my all and all.
I love you.