We looked after Slimer’s house the last few days. It seemed to be a good opportunity to be alone, a hiatus from staying with our parents. On arrival we saw a Nile flowing through their kitchen! Liters of water oozed its way slowly towards the other side of the room.

Slimer warned us, and asked us to use the towels on their balcony to clean the mess. We used the two towels, repeatedly. After each sweep we sucked up more water, slowly but surely working our way towards a clean kitchen. The sucking was followed with the wrenching of the towels – forcing the water out of the fabric.

This process repeated itself every forty minutes for the last two days!

The water came from a pipe that broke in the wall. It became painfully obvious that our cleaning treated the symptom and not the cause of the mess. We turned the water to the unit off.

Turning the water off seemed a logical decision, at least till the plumbers can come and fix it. The problem was that the units shared their water supply (contrary to South African law). Thus, our turning the water down affected the apartment underneath Slimer’s.

I’m an expert at scratching the surface,
Challenged to have the Spirit work on my inner plumbing.
My life as a work-in-progress will always affect the community around me.
++Lord, work in my life because I leak++