soldWe drove past the house we made an offer on and there it was, a sold sign, and we are the soon-to-be owners. Lollie and I will move in on the 1st of October (Deo Valente). It’s a great opportunity for us and we’re so excited. Today two missionaries from Mercy Air visited with us and it was such a wonderful privilege to invite them to stay with us whenever they’re in Johannesburg.

Today was a pretty fun day. We watched the SA vs. NZ rugby match that we lost in the last minute. Later in the day we witnessed Lance Armstrong secure his place on top of the Tour de France podium. I’m busy praying and preparing for tomorrow at Kleipot while listening to the 46664 concert. The concert was held in Cape Town and here’s part of what Nelson Mandela said on the evening:

“46664 was my prison number for the 18 years that I was imprisoned on Robben Island I was known as just a number. Millions of people today infected with AIDS are just that – a number. They too are serving a prison sentence – for life.”

We made our offer to purchase on July 18th, Nelson Mandela’s birthday and therefore our house will be called “House Madiba”.