We went to Lollie’s reunion today. It was good and sad at the same time. Good to see my wife mingle with old friends, bad because some of them have not changed a bit. They are still amused by booze – getting motherlessly drunk is still their favorite hobby. Most people asked us the predictable question : “So what are you doing?” To which we only replied – nothing – trying to figure out what God wants us to do. I reflected again on how we rap our identity into our jobs. Instead of work flowing out of our being we allow our being to be defined by our work, that usually sucks 🙁 That reminded me that the lines in the heading of our blog should change, it said:

Life is messy and not a 5 point plan! Jesus gave us wonderful metaphors to navigate the mess. We are an African couple committed to the Gardener. Tilling and working the soil of our lives and gardening with a community is our passion. We live in Colorado Springs and our tribe is Pierced.

I should probably update our physical location. We live in Johannesburg, South Africa now, but in a real way we identify with Paul that carried the people in churches he visited in his heart. We love our friends in Colorado Springs and they will always be a part of our community.