Obtaining a visa for the USA is quite an ordeal.  Post 9/11 changed the immigration department into super sensitive souls.  To obtain a hearing with the consular office, one has to book a month in advance.  Bookings can only be made through the internet.  In late January I booked an appointment for March 16 – or so I thought.  Monday yours truly was putting the last touches to his visa application, well in advance for his Wednesday appointment.  The last form was the confirmation form with the actual appointment on it.  I found the paper and with an almost fatal cardiac shock saw that my appointment was for Monday 9:30am – when my eyes met the shocking news it was 12:30.  After screaming frantically , I checked the internet for the next available appointment – April 3!  In dismay I sat before my computer pondering the idiocy of Thomas Jacobus Smith.  Then I pressed the refresh button in explorer and then VOILA.  It gave me an appointment for Tuesday 8:30.  Yesterday I handed in my forms and received a ten year visa.  To God be the glory.  One of my good friends listened to my confession/testimony and responded, "God sure is good but you have to work on your administration!"