On Valentines day or actually evening Lollie and I ran a 10km race in Pretoria.  It’s a great race!  The whole way is littered with lanterns.  After we finished the race I switched my cellphone on.  Just then my neighbor phoned and asked me if our dogs were alright.  He explained to me that he heard a car crash into a dog. 
I phoned home where some people were praying in our house and one of our good friends answered the phone sobbing.  She told us that the gate opened and that one of our German Pointers, Lillo was hit by a car.  She explained to us that they couldn’t find her!
Lollie and I sped to our house (50 minutes away).  Both of us were in a state of shock and disbelief.  Through emotions and tears we arrived in Randburg when our friends phoned to tell us that they found Lillo and that she’s alive.  Both of us were so thankful, we were hoping that she wasn’t suffering somewhere.
We picked her up and rushed to the emergency veterinarian. This particular vet has the most annoying receptionist I have ever met.  As we were doing all the paperwork she decided it was a good time to give a speech about our gate and how irresponsible it is to let our dog out …  it was really frustrating.  Thankfully the vet appeared and diagnosed a broken hip – after giving her some painkillers he advised us to take her to our vet in the morning.
The short and the long is that her hip was fine, but she broke her pelvis.  On Friday they operated on our dog and removed her femur socket (the same operation performed for hip dysplasia). You can check the procedure out here.

A bunch of our friends organized a romantic getaway for me and Lollie at a place called Dreamlodge.  With all that happened we almost canceled the trip, instead we asked my brother to house-sit for us on Friday evening.  House-sit is probably not the right term, we actually wanted him to stay with Lillo’s sister, Mocha (both of them are pictured top left of the website).  Mocha was in a total depression when her sister was gone on Thursday.  So on Friday we left for Dreamlodge and I asked my mother to check on Mocha.  At about 12:30 we got a call from my mother saying that she’s stuck in our house.  The gate wouldn’t open and we have electric fencing on the walls,making it really difficult to get in or out!.  So we drove to our house to free my mother. We phoned someone to repair the gate and  finally left for the evening.

At 16:00 my mother sent a message that the gate was fixed ….   ah what a relief.

Round about 18:30 my brother phoned to inform us that he can’t get into the house!!!!!!  When it rains in pours.  He fed the dog through the gate and with my dad’s help bolted the gate shut.

Despite all that was going on we managed to have an excellent dinner and enjoyed each others company for the evening.  On Saturday we returned, broke into our own house, picked up Lillo from her surgery, repaired the gate’s motor and finished preparing for Sunday’s sermon.

Today as I’m typing this I’m filled with a sense of gratitude.  I’m grateful for a living dog, a mother, brother and father that helps, friends that searched for our dog and organized a weekend for us, the privilege of having a gate and a wonderful wife.