Early this morning my son started a frantic search for a pair of scissors. He looked everywhere and then outsourced his searching to me. The two of us looked in every conceivable space, as good as two males can. Because we had no luck in our scissor search I attempted the classic “think-when-was-the-last-time-you-saw-it” exercise with our four year old Liam. His response to my question,


“I saw the scissors the last time here (pointing to the table), when Jesus hung on the cross”.


His sister and mother were within earshot building a castle. The three of us laughed uncontrollably. I guess one of the positives of Liam’s timeline is that his imagination has been filled with the Easter events of Jesus’s death and resurrection and that he recounts it in the present. Jesus was crucified on Friday, this Friday and that was the last time he saw his scissors.


This is another aspect of toddlers that I love, they live life with a sense of immediacy and anticipation. So as we found the scissors we had a good laugh and remembered that we live in a timeline eternally affected by the life of Jesus.