This past week I spent Tuesday at the Amahoro conference.  It was a wonderful day.  Representatives from all over Africa mixed with a delegation of ‘the west’.  On Tuesday we talked about post-colonial theology, had a visit from the ex-apartheid minister of security – Adriaan Vlok, and listened to Brian Mclaren. On between we had a lot of conversations between South Africans, Zambians, Canadians, Americans, Ugandans, Rwandands, New Zealanders and also Australians.

The day filled me with all kinds of thoughts.

My main question: “what does it mean for me to be a white African?

In a lot of the conversations African and black is synonymous, and white and west.

In South Africa today, if you fill out forms and have to choose your ethnicity there are blocks for white and then for African.  But what if you’re white and African?