During a 2012 visit with my friends from Renovaré Brazil in Rio de Janeiro I presented a workshop on the rhythms that we developed in South Africa. Some folks from the Apprentice Institute attended and Jim Smith asked me whether I ever considered writing a book about our experiences.

Tentatively I shared a rough draft with him. Jim was really encouraging and goaded me to continue writing. I will never forget one of his encouragements,

Remember, if you write a book … ministry takes place even while you are sleeping.”

Jim introduced me to the fine folks of Intervarsity Press and backed the book with the Apprentice Institute’s imprint. My friends at Renovaré USA also encouraged me to write. Now, two years later the book has morphed into Raw Spirituality: The Rhythms of the Jesus Life.

My prayer is that it will become a way for people to have good conversations and learn from each other how to follow Jesus in this era. I hope we will have conversations with each other, with God and between followers of Jesus in different countries.

During the following few months we will use this site as a place where we can have this conversation. If you would like to be part of this conversation please sign up for the newsletter here. You can check out the book’s website here.