trinationsLollie and I are still in bed … This is the worst in ten years. Over the weekend we dragged our tired bodies in front of the TV and watched the Springbok rugby team win the Tri-Nations. It was an awesome display of guts and determination. After loosing our matches against the Aussies and New Zealand abroad, the boys in green won the last two games to take the trophy home.

In other SA news: Charlize Theron (Oscar winner) threatens to quit if the Paparazzi doesn’t leave her alone. Thank God for a hidden life!! I pray that we’ll always be able to cultivate the quiet and ordinary … A few years ago my dad worked at a game farm in SA. He really hooked up with a guy there; my dad described him as someone with a ridiculously long beard. On the third evening the guy asked my dad, “Colin, do you have any idea who I am?”. My father said no and then the guy told my dad that he was a band member of ZZtop. My dad had no idea … He told my dad that he loved hanging out with someone who had no idea what he achieved … The beauty of obscurity.