On Wednesday mornings I work out with one of my friends. Yesterday, as I woke up, I realised that I had a sore throat and decided not to exercise.  Although I didn’t pump iron, I sat with my friend.  He engaged in his usual regimen.
Sitting there got me thinking that what I’m doing is typical of sadly to many Christ followers.
Being in the gymnasium gave me a false feeling of actually doing what the people around me did.  My friend’s exertion on the bench-press served as a mirage to me.  Watching the guy worshiping himself in the mirror doing bicep curls in front of the same mirror created the false notion of my own participation.
The fact remains that when I left the gymnasium yesterday, my calorie count was almost zero. 
Being in church "without working out" – what we’ve placed under the heading of liturgy for 2000 years – serves as the same mirage.  Liturgy literally means "the work of the people", without it we to often watch our pastor’s narcistic bicep curls in front of the ecclesiastical mirror.
Let us be participators in the God life!