WOW – I read an article today called Call of the Wild – It rocks, my heart really resonates with it. Here’s an excerpt:

Evangelicals need to widen themselves from a privatized life with God – which saturates the evangelical ethos – where the spiritual life is divorced from ordinary life. The spirit of evangelicalism is individualistic and private. Worship services, retreats, and prayers seek sensationalism, ecstasy, escape, and quick answers to long-formed problems. If we pay attention to the inner instinct, we know this is backwards. The Christ life is corporate, slow, hard, and disciplined. Life with Christ cannot be lived (or formed) as a lone ranger. Nor can it be sustained on adrenaline. We need each other (whether we like each other or not). Together, the evangelical community has an opportunity to offer a different life – not a relevant life, but a holy life. To do this we need a commitment from local communities to be working toward a cultural renovation of the evangelical ethos.