Yesterday I had lunch with a few of my friends, one of them Kevin has a band Cede, they’re a great band, they lead worship at our meetings. Anyway, Kevin is a huge Denver Broncos fan, a few weeks ago he got passes to go on the playing field at Denver! He was amazed – he just stood there and saw all hi heroes walk around him. One of them was missing though – Terell Davis. Kevin loves Terell, he scanned the field for his man, but to no avail. Well, the game was about to start and Kevin, star athlete that he is didn’t want to use the stairs to get to his seat and asked for directions via the elevator. Then it happened! He saw Terell and apparently Kevin shouted Terell!!! The man was shocked and shook Kevin’s hand – Kevin forgot his sharpie in the car and could not get his autograph, but he beemed – he saw his hero!

Although the Broncos lost that day Kevin said that “he didn’t care, because he saw Terell”. I thought to myself, I wish I could have that attitude towards Christ.

I don’t care, cause I saw Jesus