Today was a freezing Johannesburg day. Especially if you find yourself in the swimming pool! The reason that I found myself in the pool is that we had some baptisms today. It was an amazing experience. It was sixteen degrees outside. The icy water served as a marvelous reminder of the symbolism of baptism – funeral. The warm embraces, Eucharist and hot coffee were a fantastic reminder of another symbolism of baptism – resurrection and new life.

When we planned today we didn’t keep our eyes on the weather. As the weather deteriorated I received a phone call from one of our friends on what the plan was. Truth be told, there wasn’t one. Our community doesn’t have one of those comfortable baptismal pools with temperature control.

After the baptism our friend said that she thought this morning that she has bungee jumped from the highest point in the world, rafted some of the wildest rapids and scuba dived to startling depths, how can she not bring that same wild abandonment to her process as a disciple? I loved it!

The way of a Jesus follower is marked with a continual rhythm of sacrifice, death and resurrection. Baptism and Eucharist. Cold water and warm coffee. It’s a journey of giving up comfort in order to follow our Wild Leader. It was freezing but it warmed our hearts. For we are part of a kingdom story that will lead you into sub-zero terrain.